Thursday, December 03, 2015

My Character Narrative

My Mum is the most caring person in the world! She is the nicest person I know, I love my mum because she. Is awesome ,nice, funny and the best. When i'm sick my mum takes care of me and she sometimes gets me ice cold ice blocks and a refreshing drink. I love my mum so much because she takes us on road trips, sometimes to awesome clear blue waterfalls. I love my mum because she has an awesome house. Sometimes I don't feel like making my lunch so we get brought lunch from the bakery, donuts and chocolate slice and sometimes a chocolate milk.

My mum has red hair, she always wears black clothes, and is the best mum ever in the world. of all My mum has 3 kids Me Nerida and my brother Dylan mums very passionate about decorating the house she sometimes go overboard but in the end the house always looks like it's brand new. She always gets vases and paintings for the house and puts them on the shelf or in the living room. I always like it when mum adds little touches to the house just to make it look homely.

I love my mum more than the world. She is my everything to life, she buys food puts a roof over our head and she always get takeaways for us Like DELICIOUS Mcdonald's for dinner. I love going shopping with my mum because she always get stuff she does not need like clothes shoes, stuff she knows she will never wear but they look outrageous. If I could change my hair I would change it to Awesome Light pink or blue and purple ombre hair because my mum has red hair and it looks really cool on her. I think it looks fabulous and if could change my hair right now I would.

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